This is What Happens To Your Body 10 Hours After Applying The Nail Polish!

It’s a known fact that most of the females love to color their nails. Nevertheless, the majority of them are just not aware that the nail polish is very dangerous. Since it contains some chemical compounds that are able to do a lot of damage both on the outside and inside of your body. [expand title=”Read full article”]

There have been some recent studies which have proved that some popular nail polish brands contain various harmful chemicals and toxins that are able to cause hormonal imbalance as well as some other health problems. The study has focused on more than 20 females who are regularly coloring their nails with some of the most popular brands for nail polish. The results demonstrated that all of the brands studied tested positive on triphenylphosphate even after 10 hours after it was applied.

There was another study which has tested 10 popular brands of nail polish. This study found that 8 of them also contain this compound, and 2 of those 8 products haven’t listed the compound on its label. This is concerning since triphenylphosphate is a compound that is very harmful to the endocrine system.

It is the chemical compound that has the ability to disrupt the endocrine system as well as the hormones and affect your entire metabolism and reproductive system.

This compound is mostly harmful for the women who are regularly coloring their nails, and by doing this, they are letting the accumulation of the dangerous chemical, triphenylphosphate, in their system, which will lead to slowly destroying their body from the inside.

Triphenylphosphate is considered as an extremely powerful neurotoxin and allergen that could have serious consequences on your health. However, you should know that the nail polishes contain even more dangerous compounds.

The following are some of them:


A chemical that is known to prevent the proper development of the children and it could also cause skin irritation.

Formaldehyde is the famous carcinogen that can to dissolve in air and water. Exposure to it could possibly cause symptoms. Like inflammation, asthma and shortness of breath and it’s especially dangerous to those persons who are suffering from chronic disorders.

These are some natural alternatives to the nail polish:

It is a natural nail polish that is also base on water and it doesn’t have even the slightest trace of any of the chemicals we mentione above.

SpaRitual is the vegan nail polish brand. It’s free of any kind of toxins.

Acquarella is an entirely natural ingredient and it offers more than 50 different nail colors. It’s water-base and it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, triphenylphosphate nor toluene.

It contains enamels that are base on argan oil and it’s 100% free of toxins. This nail polish is also the best choice if you want to keep your nails hydrated.
We all know that the colored nails look prettier than the not colored ones. However using commercial brands are exposing you to a risk that is not worth taking. If you have to color your nails, you should always opt for natural nail polish brands that are not going to harm your nails and your health.[/expand]